Sales Manager Qualifications: 3 Qualified Unique Writers, $12,000 issue paid in a month.

What is a Qualified Unique Writer?
A Qualified Unique Writer is any writer in your group who has issue paid three applications at any point in their Equis tenure.

What if the prospect asks me for more information?
“Stacey, my manager is really the best person to answer your questions, I’ll be glad to have him give you a call.“

What happens after I give you their name and number?
I will call them. If I get their voicemail, I will leave them a message with instructions to call me back.

When I speak with them, I will re-check their interest. Then I’ll give them a brief interview to see if they are interested in making money the way that we do. If I find them to be a good candidate, I will refer them to an email meeting or opportunity call.

I will make it clear that it's their responsibility to reach out to you or me and let them know that us know what their interest level is.

If they do have an interest, we will guide them to complete their Equis ICA.

Two guidelines for hiring:
YSPLMC - Young Sharp Productive Local Married Couples
6-point Profile - over age 25, committed relationship, children, mortgage, employed, reasonably good health

Ask Tom to review these with you. 80% of your team should be 4-5-6 on the 6 point profile.