The Good Life Road Warrior Opportunity

Serving with Compassion & Integrity

At Good Life Agency we are looking for people who are willing to serve others, to look out for the best interest of clients and potential clients. People who want to be difference makers – helping people understand their circumstances and the options that they have to improve their circumstances. This opportunity can provide both great personal satisfaction and generous compensation. (Not to mention exciting company sponsored travel to some of the best locations around the world).

Our state-licensed Senior Advisors visit with families who have requested insurance plans to cover the costs associated with their final needs - funeral, cremation, etc. The advisor interviews the family to determine suitability and eligibility, before presenting the best options based on need & budget. Once the client chooses a plan, the advisor assists them in the application process.

Able To Travel

We are looking for candidates who will work hard and smart. Our full-time program can involve travel, up to three hours from home, including overnight stays in hotels with a travel team. A dependable personal vehicle is required for travel. The work week begins on Monday, on location, and advisors return home either Wednesday evening or early Thursday.

Strong Income Potential

These opportunities are independent 1099 commission positions -- earning potential is virtually unlimited -- once licensed and engaged, agents are typically receiving commission deposits within 7 to 10 days. Typical weekly net deposits are $500-1200. Chosen candidates are responsible for personal licensing costs, and we have subsidized study programs available.

For immediate consideration, complete the application form below, include any information that would help us to understand what makes you a good candidate to come and work with us.

Military & sports experienced candidates are encouraged to apply.

Application Form

Good Life Agency is an Equis Financial partner agency.

The Life Agents is a network of agencies seeking the highest caliber life insurance pros, to serve clients & prospects with high levels of integrity & compassion. Serving agencies in 48 states, recruiting for full-time and part-time agents.