Equis Financial is on a crusade to educate Americans about the New Life Insurance, with Living Benefits - the life insurance you don't have to die to use.

Traditionally, Life Insurance has always been 'death insurance' – you die and your family collects the proceeds. Today, while the death benefit is still an important and primary feature, newer policies may allow the policyowner to accelerate that death benefit for qualified life event emergencies.

Here's a client story that illustrates the power of Living Benefits:

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Led by teams of Field Underwriters, Equis is bringing these plans to the most underserved market in the US,
Middle Income Americans.

Living Benefits provide an important added protection to the life insurance policy, typically at no extra cost to the consumer. Whether the base insurance plan is providing income continuation or mortgage protection, final needs coverage, supplemental retirement funding, education savings, or business protections, living benefits adds great value, and great opportunity for us to serve.

The field underwriter will typically help one of every two families, earning an average of $500 of immediate income for each one helped.

District Managers personally serve 2-4 families per week, while leading 6-8 field underwriters, who each serve at least one family per week, creating an over-ride income about $60,000 annually, in addition to their personal earnings.

Now, meet Johnnie Brooks, a part-time District (now Regional) manager with Equis:

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Advancement to executive level leadership means a great passive over-ride income, and can include Equis Financial's industry disrupting 'Equity Bonus' – an opportunity to over-ride the entire company's revenue.

Serious leaders who help take this crusade to it's highest result are well compensated on the revenue generated by their direct business team, plus Equis manager bonuses and the Equity Bonus - a monthly check representing a qualifying percentage of Equis' net revenue!

John and Kim Kight lead one of Equis' top organizations, here's their story:

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The vision and leadership of Equis Financial's President & CEO, Barry Clarkson, along with the ownership team, have truly created the one and only 'Agent's Company' in the industry.

Focused on agent profitability, Barry, along with Rob Jones, Bill Martin and their executive team, are providing a second-to-none platform of technology, support, training, compensation and top carriers with lead & non-lead market plans which have driven amazing results in the first thirty months of Equis' existence.

Barry Clarkson has a brief introductory message:

Are you ready to explore the possibilities with Equis Financial?

We Have Mortgage Protection & Final Expense Leads Waiting For Agents To See Them

We are looking for individuals who share our passion for protecting middle income Americans from the financial troubles that life event emergencies bring – more than half of all mortgage foreclosures and just about half of small business failures can be traced to the financial burdens of a major illness!

Your sincere motivation to do more for your own family, by serving others with compassion and integrity is a key to our ability to work together. Candidates should be coachable, have a strong work ethic, be committed to upward association and peer support, all for your personal development and success, and ultimately the best service of the needs of our clients.

Complete this brief application form and one of our talent scouts will be in touch to open the interview process.