Discounted Online License Training For Selected Applicants

For a limited time we have partnered with a leading online training program to provide their license preparation course to qualified applicants at a special rate, only $49.99! This course retails at $199. Applicants are responsible for testing fees and state licensing fees, reimbursement programs are available for fast-start candidates.

Read on to see if you may be a good fit for this opportunity.

How would an extra $1-3,000 monthly change things for you?

Could you crush your student debt or credit card debt? Save the down-payment for your new home? Fund your retirement account or the education fund for your children or grandchildren? Actually put some money aside for that nice vacation, or just for a rainy day?

Could you find 8-12 hours weekly to help 1-3 families make sure they have the right protection in the event of death or critical illness?

We help 1 of 2 families we see, and we are paid an average of $500 for each family we help.

We are looking for 4-5 part-time representatives in your area. If you are motivated to change your financial situation, complete the brief application below to learn more. You’ll receive a text or email message to schedule a brief phone introduction within 72 hours.

Beautiful young adult lawyer business woman professional in a suit at the courthouse

The Life Agents is a network of agencies seeking the highest caliber life insurance pros, to serve clients & prospects with high levels of integrity & compassion. Serving agencies in 48 states, recruiting for full-time and part-time agents.